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EDRfinder API

The EDRfinder API allows you to access most of the data that we offer in EDRfinder through an automated process without interactively using the EDRfinder’s web based interface. This enables you to have your systems make requests against our database in order to integrate EDRfinder into your inhouse applications.


The EDRfinder API is a RESTful Webservice that is very easy to integrate with existing applications. All communication takes place using the standard HTTPS protocol, just like usual Web access from Internet Browsers like Firefox or Chrome.

Two different types of data can be retrieved through the API:

First selected information about vehicle data that is available in our database can be retrieved as a dataset in industry standard formats like XML or JSON. This data can be fed into other systems for further processing or display.

Secondly we offer Vehicle Information Sheets as PDF documents that represent the information in human readable form. These documents can be retrieved in various languages like English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. Downloaded documents can be stored in local systems for further reference.

Access to the EDRfinder API is charged on a pay-per-use basis like access through the Web Interface but we also offer discounted bulk access packages for high volume requests. Please contact us for a quote.

We provide documentation for API Version 2 and 3. Version 3 is the most recent Version and should be used for any new projects or implementations. Version 2 will not get any additional features in the future and will only be maintained to support legacy systems based on this API Version.